Ten Random Things About Me (4/32)


  1. I am an endless dreamer.
  2. A master procrastinator. Working on this one. :/
  3. I have a really unhealthy habit of switching between clean eating and junk food every few weeks. Something I’m definitely working on.
  4. I melt when I see clothes that are impeccably made and/or beautifully designed.
  5. I collect pigs (anything but the real thing).
  6. I have lived in two cities in New York and two cities in Florida.
  7. Sewing comes naturally, Painting is a release and drawing and me have a turbulent relationship.
  8. I graduated from 3 different colleges. I loved them all even if at times it didn’t seem so because I was always procrastinating.
  9. I’ve had nine roommates; not all at the same time.
  10. Making youtube videos is favorite thing right now!

  one extra

11.  I always want to get back into running but I never do. Or I start and it only lasts for three days at a time. It’s still a goal though. 🙂



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