Couture Fashion Week Fall ’16 (8/32)

These are just a few quick take aways & pieces I found really pretty/inspiring!


16th C glamor with plenty of ruffs and chunky jewels. 

_VAL0121.jpg_VAL0187.jpgThis neck though!!!!!!_VAL0353.jpg_VAL0431.jpg_VAL0441.jpg_VAL0569.jpg

Christian Dior

chic, modern, minimal with ease and drop waists. I just want to live in all of it!


Armani Privé 

Black velvet everything from sleek dresses to skirts slit all the way up to pretty harem pants paired with plenty of sheer black tops.


Alberta Ferretti 



Giambattista Valli

The sleeves have my full attention!! The hemlines are short and tops cropped but still I am seeing 18 C romance.



By the end of the show every piece was a page out of a fairy tale and all the furs… oh my!



Maison Margiela

I’m really into the thigh high Wellies 

_ARC0071.jpg_ARC0197.jpg_ARC0431.jpgIDK how to work with that but maybe we don’t need hands_ARC0533.jpgHug_ARC0565.jpg


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