Daily Struggles of a Coffee Addict (9/32)

Habita settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

Addictionphysically and mentally dependent on a particular substance, and unable to stop taking it without incurring adverse effects.

What happens when a habit becomes an addiction and then that addiction creates a series of habits. Taking more than just a cup of coffee in the morning to feel refreshed, awake or even satisfied. I crave my morning coffee only until I have a cup and then I just want Starbucks. Nothing fancy usually just a medium roast with a little coconut milk, but still. Over the years I have allowed this to happen, as I let Starbucks to creep more and more into my life.

While living in NYC I pretty much couldn’t leave my apartment with out making a pit-stop in Starbucks or some other coffee shop. Now a days there are slightly less coffee runs simply because there’s not a coffee shop on every corner. But still there are 5 within 5 miles of my house and 4 within 2 miles of my work. Making it nearly impossible to avoid one, might say. So I stop by at least once a day if not twice or three times on a really serious day. I am no where near happy to admit this, especially since sometimes their coffee isn’t even that good. Sadly barista’s are just people like everyone else and some of them are new or just not with it. The worst is when you walk in, see who’s working and quickly consider whether you should get out while your ahead or take the risk for the fix. Sadly I always go for the fix and its usually the wrong decision.

So Anyway this is a little list of my coffee related struggles:

  • Smelling fresh coffee and immediately wanting some
  • The debate between moving and making morning coffee
  • Spilling coffee grounds on the floor
  • Not being able to drink my coffee right away because it’s too hot
    • then getting caught up and by the time I go to drink it its too cold
    • ugh and expresso gets cold way faster
  • Spilling coffee
    • on my clothes
    • in the car
    • on my bed, for some reason I constantly set cups on my bed as if I won’t knock them over but don’t worry I do. every time.
    • on the floor
      • on the rug
      • this may be a greater problem
  • When I ask for light cream and the barista asks me if that means I want the coffee to look really light in color
    • what
    • also when they say ok to a little bit of cream but give me a cup that is more cream than coffee
  • Anytime I see chocolate while drinking coffee because it always seems like the perfect combo
  • Also anytime I order a hot coffee when I am going to be walking more than two feet
    • the lids suck and the coffee literally starts exploding everywhere
      • I have literally had to just abandon ship on more occasion because I can not handle the leakage

A far cry from real life struggles/problems this is just a lighthearted post about daily annoyances I have noticed. Let me know if you too are a coffee junky and if so can you relate to any of these?Or do you have a different side effect of your caffeine habits?



Photo credit, Featured Image: Thomas H P Jerusalem, A-MOMENT-IN-TIME.COM

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