Taming Your Scattered Brain (13/32)

I have had to come to accept that I am an extremely scattered person. Constantly misplacing things, forgetting why I went somewhere or just finding myself lost inside my own head. I have come to realize there are ups and downs to everything. However, in this case the ability to come up with a never ending stream of ideas/thoughts is about the only benefit I am seeing. Where as the negatives are endless. For example:

  • Getting in the car only 5 minutes late only to realize I forgot something
  • Forgetting what I am about to do on the way
  • Being easily distracted
  • Dabbling with the idea of organization only to write down my ideas on the nearest surface
    • I stick more pieces of scarp paper in my notebook than I write on pages
  • Allowing myself to watch one video on YouTube before starting work only to find myself two hours later still watching random videos.
  • Starting triple the projects I finish
  • Never having less than 3 projects going at one time

So, now that I have read a dozen articles and confirmed I am a highly creative mess of a person what am I going to do about it? For one I am going to continue trying to replace bad habits with good ones. But more specifically this is my Action Plan:

  1. I started making a schedule for the week that includes tasks I need to accomplish outside of work, when I work on them and when I can exercise.
  2.  I have started to make immediate commitments rather then saying I will start that tomorrow, next week or next month.
    • For example, I wanted to be more consistent with my blog so I decided to do #postaday for a month, but rather than waiting till 7.1 to start I started on 6.29 or something because that’s when I had the idea and I didn’t want to give myself a reason to back out.
  3. Getting a friend to go running with me @ 6:00 am most days  so that I am forced to get up and start my day at a reasonable time and with a bit structure.
  4. Focusing on making better choices when it comes to food. I have read that diet has a huge impact on the brain and concentration. A few sites about Brain/Diet:
  5. Turing my phone to airplane mode before starting work/project and only listening to audio books while I work and instrumental music while I write
    1. I need some sort of noise while I am working in order to stay alert and energized and everything else I have tried including videos movies and music seem to distract me
  6. Creating smaller to do lists
    • This will probably be the hardest one for me to be consistent with because I always want to do everything at once but I am determined to start finishing things before I start new projects for now on.
    • Therefore I am pretty much only giving my self one project to work on per day rather than doing an hour of this that and something else.

Hopefully I can stay on track and by following these steps I can become a much more focused and accomplished person. Below I attached a few links to posts fellow scatterbrains might enjoy!

Only Scatterbrained People Would Relate To These 11 Things

9 Signs That You’re A Scatterbrain

Chronic Creativity Symptom #8: Scatterbrain


Photo credit: Featured Image by Tim Walker found @ https://gabrielabadica.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/the-imaginarium-of-dr-tim-walker/



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