Apparently I Love this Sweater (25/32)


Relaxed, comfortable and fun. 3 words I try to live by when it comes to fashion/life. Sure sometimes sleek and elegant is good too. But for a lesurly sunday of coffee, writing and window shopping this is my favorite way to go. As you can see I am not afraid of mixing prints or color but the reason for this look was from from that.

When I am off work I like my look to reflect so. Which led my eye to this mini polka dot number. However, it’s synched waist, fluffy sleeves and peter pan collar scream tea party more than relaxing. So I thru a sweater on top to bring the whole thing down to Sunday’s chilled out level.


Both sweater and dress were probably under $30 and from about 2 years ago. But I think they still work. The dress is pretty bold so I don’t wear it often. Where as the sweater is something I am always grabbing at. Neutral pullovers – closet essential! 

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