In Search of Feeling

1_bpThoughts On – By the Sea – Angelina Jolie

Sitting in a quaint seaside town for what feels like forever a couple pose next to each other while completely alone inside themselves. Creating a level of glamour that if viewed only at surface level can appear vapid and self-indulgent. However upon continued observation it is clear that the self-serving behaviors of main characters, Vanessa and Roland are pitted in pain and depression. Although both characters are dealing with the side effects of the same drama their response and coping machinists are clearly different. Creating the illusion that the characters appear to be in a loveless marriage for the first 60 minutes of the film. This is in complete contrast to their on screen neighbors, a newly wed couple that are in the frills of love and life.

Despite the sad subject and quiet nature of the film, there are many reasons to appreciate By the Sea.

  1. The Visuals: Encompassing both the charm of a small town and the allure of the ocean right outside their window, the scenery is vastly beautiful. One cannot help but fantasize about being seaside in that very town taking a break from the busy-ness of everyday life.

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