Behind the Wardrobe: Magic in the Moonlight

  Magic in the Moonlight – Emma Stone Thoughts Behind the Wardrobe Italian costume designer Sonia Grande has worked on over 40 films, a handful of which were Woody Allen’s. Therefore, the two had an existing relationship prior to their collaboration on Magic in the Moonlight. Making it easy for Sonia to develop and pitch her ideas for the characters wardrobes… Read More Behind the Wardrobe: Magic in the Moonlight

#Horror, I Love You (12/32)

One of my favorite films of 2015 & currently streaming on Netflix I believe I first heard of #Horror from an article I read on The director being Tara Subkoff a designer/actress and fashion icon Cloe Slovgn playing the role of chaperone(who btw debuted in Kids/and has collaborated with a number of designers including Tara Subkoff) I was instantly excited. I waited… Read More #Horror, I Love You (12/32)

Characters That Inspire: The Brainiacs (3/32)

Heroine and Rory  may be living in distant worlds and face uniquely different problems. Yet both girls are grounded in very similar characteristics. As both girls put their education above nearly everything else, they are constantly depicted with their noses in books, which among other things makes them outcasts of sorts.  Yet both characters have very strong friendships with the people… Read More Characters That Inspire: The Brainiacs (3/32)